An OEM Free CMM – Here’s How

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One of the biggest complaints from customers when purchasing a CMM from any OEM is they find that when it needs annual calibration or a new error map then their only course of action is to pay the large sums demanded by OEM service departments as the OEM machine error map is locked to them.

Well now there is a viable option for any customer who wants to be OEM free and choose the provider of their choice to perform their annual calibration or new CMM error map.

The main component of this is the Renishaw UCC controller. Fit this to the machine with either a CMM retrofit package or included in a new CMM package and you will open up all the possibilities to future Renishaw probes and become in the process OEM free.

The UCC controller series has open error map architecture with the calibration process free from any measurement software that may be installed on the machine. All the calibration process is run from within the UCC Server Software thus providing the open architecture that many customers want but have little of no information on how it can be achieved.

The Next Step

If you want to become OEM free with your current CMM then contact CMM solutions to discuss how we could retrofit your current CMM or if you need a new machine maybe you could consider the Coord3 Revolution CMM Powered by Renishaw with all probing and controller along with Renishaw Modus™ Software supported by Renishaw and available now from CMM Solutions.

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