CMM Machine Enclosures

CMM Machine Enclosures  are an inexpensive option for CMM’s whilst located on the shop floor. It helps protect the CMM in what can be a difficult for any measuring system whilst located in the heart of the production environment. With the option of air conditioning it can allow the CMM to operate a it’s optimum temperature thus ensuring shop floor temperature gradients are eliminated.

The Enclosure is manufactured from original Bosch aluminium extrusion made to form a lightweight, rigid construction. Side panels are made from clear or coloured plastic panels

All CMM Machine Enclosures are custom built to individual customer size and design with full installation provided by our dedicated team of engineers.

Basic Construction

  • Front Bi-Fold door or sliding doors to allow easy access for operators to load and unload parts
  • Side panels that can be easily removed for servicing and access to the CMM
  • LED Lighting
  • Optional Air Conditioning
  • We can also provide enclosure units to house a number of CMM machines, robot inspection equipment, and other shop floor inspection equipment

CMM Enclosure Benefits

  • Maintain CMM operating temperature
  • Protection for shop floor CMM’s
  • Ensure probes and styli free from dirt and dust
  • Reduction in maintenance downtime
  • Easy access for maintenance and engineers
  • Easy to install and re-locate as required


CMM Enclosuse


Renishaw Equator Enclosure











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